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driven by heart




Build a reputation that takes you places.

Go further in your career by tapping the positive influences all around you, being fearless, and taking the next step toward achievement and success. As the world of hospitality continues to evolve, Perry Lane moves with these changes and provides a fresh approach to mentoring for the next generation of hospitality professionals.



At Perry Lane, we don't just specialize in the hospitality industry - we specialize in hospitality-driven people. We conduct a deep exploration to find the essence that drives your welcoming spirit. Then we develop a customized approach to reveal your path to success. The words below are what I hear most often from individuals like you in the industry. If you can relate, contact me for a consultation so we can customize your path to leadership.

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"I want to find success"

​If you’re on a path to opportunity and searching for someone to invest in you so you can reach your peak performance, here’s how I can help:

  • Learn new skills

  • Stand out in a competitive job market

  • Reveal your path for growth

  • Develop a poised presence with advanced interview techniques

  • No regrets – 30-day money-back guarantee!

"I'm exhausted"

It’s a tough industry. Has your hospitality flame burned out because YOU are burned out? Or maybe you are frustrated because your path for advancement is unclear. Perry Lane can help with that:

  • Become a delegation expert

  • Learn how to say “no”

  • Find fulfillment and joy in your career

  • Regain your passion for the industry

  • Balance the energy you give and receive

"I need guidance"

Whether you are looking to pair up with someone experienced to help you transition to the next level, or you are seeking to be a guiding light for someone else, I'm here for you.

  • Invest in yourself

  • Learn to surround yourself with skilled people by investing in others

  • Become a valued member of your organization

  • Grow into a celebrated leader that inspires

  • Flexible 1:1 sessions

Tenille saw the potential in me that others did not. I was most nervous about how to handle different clients in different situations. Tenille really showed me how to become a chameleon and adapt to every situation. “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED AND NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT.” I take that lesson that I learned from Tenille everywhere I go. Tenille has helped propel my career so much, that if it wasn’t for her taking a chance on me 7 years ago, I would not have been a successful Director of Sales - not for one, but for two different hospitality companies. I would recommend anyone to work with Tenille, who wants to learn and get an unbelievable and true understanding of the hospitality industry. 

-Steven C. Szczepanik

Rooted in hospitality, I'm sharing my passion for the industry - shining a light on the reasons why we do what we do, and teaching you the best way to respond to what interferes with our craft.
I want to take you on a journey of transformation. To guide you out of the shadow of self-doubt and validate your daily struggles. To help you extend your genuine self, giving the hospitality within you the opportunity to flow freely to others.

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