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My "Why"

If you are here, it’s because we share a special bond. A passion for travel and for the service industry. It warms our hearts to make people happy. To create memorable moments for a family on vacation or a couple on date night at their favorite restaurant. When we smile, others smile back. And that makes us smile even bigger.

I started Perry Lane because I saw how the industry was changing over the years. It seemed to me that training became less important and impersonal. The industry was starting to produce lackluster managers that didn't understand the difference between management and leadership. That spirit and those memorable moments seemed to be dwindling. I looked at switching careers for years. I tried to get my project management certificate and even planned to go back to school for financial management or law. One day my mom said to me, "Tenille, you love hospitality. Why don't you find a way to make the industry great again? Find a way to stay in the industry but maybe forge your own path?" And I thought... I do love this industry. I’ll make my own lane!


And that's how Perry Lane was born.

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My Path

Most people fall into this industry out of need or by accident. I am different. I chose this industry because it's ALWAYS been my passion.

I graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management and Communications from Ryerson University in Toronto. My first job out of school was with the flagship Four Seasons, the first and only hotel in Canada to receive both the AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star recognition.

I’m a foodie at heart. I even started my career in the Food & Beverage department at Four Seasons. And while the work hours of F&B management didn’t fit my lifestyle, I still love trying different foods from different countries. I'll try anything once, but my absolute favorite is a rich delectable dessert!

My entire adult career has been in the hospitality industry with a special focus on hotels. After moving to the US and landing in Georgia, I’ve worked in Operations and Sales across several brands (both managed and franchised) including Residence Inn, Tribute Portfolio, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn and Curio Collection.

I know service and I know this industry. 

My Success

While I’m proud of my own career accomplishments, I feel my true measure of success has come from mentoring and coaching others to succeed in their own careers. I am most proud when I build a successful team that feels empowered and wants continuous growth. I will always hire an inexperienced person with the right attitude and aptitude over an experienced warm body. 


I have always said that if we train the right person and they grow, I will never hold them back. That is a testament to my leadership.

Hospitality comes from within.

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"People may hear your words,
but they feel your attitude"
John C. Maxwell
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